Personal development


Everyone would want to have control of his/her life but only a few know what it takes to be in-charge of ones life and the rest (estimated as over 80%) of the world population lives by the law of accident and natural phenomenon; that is, they live by anything and accept everything that life throws at them. Anything that anyone living on the face of the earth needs to succeed in life with has already been put in place from the beginning of the world. What Scientists and innovators are doing is simply to discover those things as nothing is been created newly. The problem so many people have faced and people will continue to face is wanting to try everything that they know others have succeeded with, they simply lack the discipline to stay focused in doing one thing.


We have a lot of people in the world today with so much ideas and brilliant potentials with majority abandoning this great ideas and potentials, a good part of the those that rise to their potentials, did that lately leaving only a few as early risers. Some of the early risers rise to their potentials and abandoned it along the way because of one thing or the others. The remaining part of the populations that persisted through all odds makes name and they are mostly financial and other icons celebrated today. While some sit back to procrastinate, blaming environment, family, friends for their failure, others are capitalizing and making huge returns from same environments. Let's cite an instance, Nigeria is a very large country with some many good and bad factors that can either favor the growth of individual/organization or disfavor same. Many only focus on the bad on the bad factors and never sees any opportunity for growth in Nigeria and therefore, such people would at any given opportunity leave the country to where they believe life is easier in search of greener pasture that has been in existence. Other countries like South Africa and China just to mention a few see Nigeria as a good investment ground. South Africa for example owns MTN, Shoprite, DStv and other multi-billion dollars companies operating in Nigeria. I'm not trying to dispute the fact there are many factors that decide the success of one.

Some people are luckier than others because some people were born rich while others were born poor, it's not your fault that your were born poor but it may be fault to remain poor and/or even die poor. Everyone has in him or her more than what he/she needs to succeed in life, in fact, your are 100%  more than the level your are currently operating. You got a TALENT, you have a POTENTIAL, discover it, grow it to create your own desired life.

eConsult is here to help you discover your purpose, talent, your potentials and to help you grow them. Reach out to us today and get us involved in your success stories.

Business Development

Do you want to start a business or already have a business that you want to grow?

Today we have a lot of failed businesses world wide not just because of unfavorable atmosphere but because of lack of planning or inadequate planning and improper  implementation of plans. For business to be successful, it requires lots of planning which includes; business plan or the blue print of your business, strategic, market plan e.t.c. If any of your plans is missing or if not correctly spelled, your business may face uncertainty as a consequence. I consider business plan as the major ingredient in starting up business and not the start up capital.


Most of the successful people we have in the world today are men and women of businesses, only a small proportion of the world population became millionaires and billionaires working for government and others except for those in government that have even converted the system to business. Many would want to go into business but the fear of business failure over powers them. Success involves lots of risks taking and for one to be  successful, he must take risk. Business is all about taking risk and taking it wisely and boldly. One must never be afraid of trying because if you don't try, you will not be able to tell how the end will be like.


What about those already in business but are not doing well?  They are more close to achieving success than those that have not started. All they need is a review of their system to know what they are not doing right or what they are not doing at all or even what they are doing that they should not be doing. When the right things are done, things will start flowing in the right path naturally. The reason  for your own failure in business could either be internal or external factor whichever way, there is always solutions.


eCosult business is actually closer to you than expected, consult us toady and we help you in solving your problem(s). We can help you start your business, grow your business to the height you always wanted to be.


  • Planning (Business and Strategic)

  • Training of  Staff/Employees

  • Marketing and other business research

  • Business evaluation and analysis

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