How to boost your customers' satisfaction effectively; Constant speed to increase sales.

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

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Customer satisfaction is a measure of how happy customers are with your business products, services, capabilities and the mode of your business transaction.

The key to successful business development is customers satisfaction. If you don't care about your customers satisfaction, they will not care about your products, services and experiences.

“The customers perception is your reality. What they think about your products , matter. If you don't put your customers perception first, the game is over.”

Sharfaraz Ahmed.

Every business aims at making profits but the primary focus should not be on making profit, it should be on putting the right things together. doing the right things attract customers to your business and this will lead to increase in sales and profit making.

Your products or services are designed to meet the needs of people with the intention of generating incomes at the end and not to remain with you.

Customers' satisfaction is key profit making this is because customer satisfaction increases sales. A satisfied customer will always want to pay for more of your products or services and eventually get people refer to your products or services.

A satisfied customer will have less questions about your products or services and develop more trust and confidence in your products or services and this can be beneficial in several ways to your business.

  • It converts prospective customers into buying customers.

  • Customers get to pay for more of the products or services.

  • They come more often for your products or services when they're satisfied

  • They get to inform and refer your products or services to your their family members, friends and colleagues.

  • These together with other things increase sales and eventually increase your profit.

How to boost your customers' satisfaction effectively; Constant speed to increase sales.

There are two parts to boost your customers' satisfaction and these are products or services and customers relationship.

Below are some of the effective ways of boosting customers satisfaction that will ultimately increase your sales.

Products and Services:

Focus your business on providing quality products or services to your customers but at affordable prices. Some people can pay any amount for your products or services if they are satisfied with their qualities. Product satisfaction is important and to greater extent contributes to customers satisfaction and sales increase.

Customers' respect and loyalty:

Treat every of your customer with respect and honesty. Don't let any of them develop the feeling of 'I'm less important." Respect for your customers is important to marketing success because it boost customers satisfaction. Respect requires you to listen to your customers when they talk and it requires humility from you. Never give your customers the impression that your're better than them. Treat every customers as if they were VIP and they should receive the same treatment you will receive. This is one of the most effective ways to increase your sales.

Assist your customers in product selection:

Guide your customers in products and services selection and this will enable them to get the best of the products and services that will completely match their need and what they will be satisfied with at the end. To accomplish this, you must have clear and adequate understanding of your products or services and also understand the need of your customers. Although, the later is somehow difficult to accomplish because sometimes, the customers don't even know what they want.

It's important to understand that guiding your customers in products or services selection does not mean you should tell them that you know better than them. This may create some feelings of embarrassment that will lead your quality of services to dissatisfaction.

Don't argue with your customers, communicate with them in their friendly language.


Offer the best quality of products and services to your customers at the best affordable price. Pay attention to what your customers say about say your charges for the products and services you offer them.

People would want to go to where they can obtain the same products or services of same quality at lower price or rate. Charging higher than your competitor will create in the mind of the customers that you're cheating them and this will lead to distrust, decrease sales and profit and subsequently, losing your customers to the competitors. Although, this's not always true because of the extra charges you made to make the products or services available for their use.

Don't place your profit above your customers satisfaction. The higher your price, the little your customers would want to pay for. The lower the price, the sales you can make and the more profit.

Products/Services delivery time:

How long do your customers wait before they can get your products or services?

Reduce customers waiting time to the barest minimum but the quality of the services offer should not be reduced.

Different people have their individual interpretation of events, delay in services delivery could be interpreted in different ways by different people. In whichever way, avoid negative comments or statements from your customers about your delivery time as this can keep them away.

Availability and Accessibility of Products and Services:

Have you ever traveled a long distance to go get a product or services and/or waited a long time to get that product or services and when it was time to get it, you realized that what you have traveled a long distance or waited a long time is not available? Or have you ever had difficulties in accessing a service when you badly need it? It was such a bad feeling right?

This's the feeling of everyone after traveling some distance and waited some minutes or even hours for your products or services and ended up not getting them.

It's disheartening and some will immediately show their dissatisfaction on their faces. They may go about telling their families and friends about their experience with your business and share this on their media platforms.

In other to avoid things like this, always put mechanisms in place to have available your customers common needs in adequate quantity. Know what they want and make them available for their use.

Answer your customers' questions accurately and timely:

Your customers may have question(s) about your business, products or services and it's your responsibility to provide answers to their questions. Give them accurate and timely response and don't falsify your response to them. Ensure your customers are satisfied with the answers to their questions.

A happy and satisfied customers are the ones that pay for more, return for more and refer people to you. If you want to make more sales or increase your sales, place your customers satisfaction above your profit. For Business Development planning and consulting services in Nigeria give us a Call.

Customers' satisfaction is key profit making this is because customer satisfaction increases sales. 

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