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Do you want to start a business but you don't know which one will be okay for you, or you already have an idea but don't know to go about it, or you have started but you're lagging behind your goals and expectations? We understand your worries, don't worry anymore, we got you covered. This is an introductory level course that is specifically designed for you. Signup today! it's completely free. This is a short course (30min to 1hr) that provides a step by step guide on how to build a profitable business from the scratch in Nigeria. This course is divided into four (4) modules. Each module covers some group of topics discussed in a very plain and understandable language. Module 1 talks about the idea behind business and it put into considerations why you should consider doing business. Module 2 talks about research and planning as core elements to build a profitable business. Module 3 discusses business registration processes and it implementation while module 4 discusses marketing as a fundamental aspect of every business. It is expected that at end of this course, you would have understood the processes involved in setting up a business in Nigeria. Relax to joy your course

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